Farmagia Festival

The closest weekend to June 21, summer solstice, we celebrate in Vilarcángel the festival Farmagia: Medicine for the Soul, to which in addition to the programmed, all those artists who have done a project in the residence are invited to participate.

2500 years ago, the Temple of Asclepius (God of Medicine) in Epidaurus, Greece was an enclosure intended to cure both the evils of the spirit and those of the body. There were created spaces that were called incubators and that was where the visitors slept. In the incubators the visitors were resting and, more important, they had their dreams, which they later told the priests, who interpreted the hidden meanings of the dream world. There the participants were instructed in the correct way of living. They followed a diet, practiced exercise and played music, to give some examples of the creative activities to which the visitor had access. The attendees were not charged. The visitors freely left their donations to the temple and left when they felt that their spirits had freed themselves of the mundane weight.

In Vilarcángel we revive the spirit of the ancient medical sanctuaries aimed at the soul and the body, and for this we invite you to share with us a few days of retreat, creativity and celebration. We also invite you to celebrate the summer solstice. This meeting is created as a tool that allows your personal growth guided by professionals who already vibrate on that frequency. Here you will share experiences collectively and learn to use harmonization disciplines. Our purpose is that once the meeting is over, you can develop what you have learned and incorporate it into your daily existence. The idea is to participate in a teaching that helps you increase your awareness and your harmony, and with this personal enrichment, you improve your quality of life and those of your environment. Here we explain our plan of action. We hope to share with you the magic of coexistence in this learning.

There are two ways to stay: either inside the villa or in your own tent, tipi, yurt, van or shelter. In both cases you must inform us a week in advance of the festival. The food is communal and our team will act as coordinator and informant. All people can collaborate in the process of elaboration and, thus, to learn and share simple and healthy ways to feed themselves. Workshops are held during the morning and afternoon, and are announced after breakfast and lunch. Among other activities, there will be games, dream sessions, music therapy workshops, art therapy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, yoga, chikung, food, pilates, contact dance, biodanza and meditation. At night we light a good communal fire in the light of the stars, between the trees and our beloved orange groves, to the sound of live music: jazz, flamenco or medieval and sacred music. Our programming, just like ourselves, is in constant transformation, so all those who want to collaborate with their knowledge and experience in this meeting, through games, music, dance, a workshop or a chat, are welcome.

All this is free and everyone is invited (children, youth, adults and elderly). At the door of the villa is the sanctuary to abundance, and there, inside a vase, the attendees deposit their donation at the end of their stay. This is our way of appreciating your appreciation of the experience we give you. That money is distributed wholly among the musicians and teachers who live on it. It should also be noted that many of them renounce any retribution and perform their work unselfishly.

The philosophy of coexistence is very similar to the Rainbow Gathering. The general spirit is one of collaboration and openness. We consider ourselves all participants and collaborate in the cleaning and maintenance of spaces. Our willingness is open to all people and experiences that are generated. We recommend bringing your own cutlery and a saucepan for your meal (or dishes), and of course, your blanket and your mat if you want to sleep inside the villa.

Seeing what unites us and not what separates us is, in some way, the perfect way to define what you will live in Farmagia